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Liuna station has been a James St N staple for almost a century. Originally a #HamOng Railway Station, Liuna is also home to iconic films and TV series like @xmenmovies , @UmbrellaAcad , The Good Witch, Stockholm, @CBCMurdoch and Salvation. Details:

Party season is open. Xmas with Relax Escarpment: glorious food by Luina Station @LIUNAStation , fun and music, everyone singing Mariah Carey..oh and did I mention amazing food.
Happy Holidays everyone.

Open bar, amazing food and ringing in the new decade in style! Get your tickets to our annual New Years Eve Gala now! #HamOnt

TICKETS ON SALE! Get your tickets to our annual New Years Eve Gala and ring in the new decade in style! Call us today! #HamOnt

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