Wedding Tip from Miranda!

Meet Miranda! She is our lovely LIUNA Station Office Manager. When you call LIUNA Station, you will often talk to her first to get some important details about our facilities. Miranda has worked here for 14 years, one of the first to work at LIUNA Station when it was newly renovated. She started as a server then became a supervisor and soon office manager! So you can be sure she knows all the ins and outs of this venue, ensuring your wedding a huge success!

Miranda’s Wedding Tip:

Be a guest at your own wedding. Be in the moment the day of. Even though you’ve been anticipating and planning, don’t analyze and fixate on if it’s going according to plan or on what’s coming next, leave that to the professionals. Be present and enjoy the celebration as it comes. That will make the day stick best in your memory and allow you to actually enjoy it and have fun!




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