Wedding Planning Tools on “The Knot”

I thought that I would be able to research more than one blog a day, but seriously, The Knot has so many tools available to help you plan your wedding! The tools are extremely thorough and I had very little negative things to say about each tool. Check out the details!

Planning Checklist

This was a great tool to begin. You can see specific tasks that need to be done and the timeline that is average for brides to complete the task. It is extremely easy to delete and add new tasks, as every wedding is different, you can make sure your wedding runs perfect done to each detail you’ve worked so hard on! The other great thing about the planning checklist is that you can assign tasks to specific people, like your bridesmaids, maid of honor, family members and don’t forget your hubby! When you have assigned a task to someone it will email them to notify them of their task and due date.  There is the capability for you to set reminders for yourself, and gives you a break down of the tasks to be done, and those completed.


As the planning checklist says, the budget should be at the top of your to do list! This tool also shows fair prices of each of the different expenses. If the numbers look huge to you, don’t worry, there are many ways to save! Which I will cover on a later post.  This tool is great because you can alter the amounts per category as you think you will spend and even add other fees too. Once the wedding is over or payments are complete, the actual amount can be added. When you make payments, you can track them right in the budget tool to make it easy to see all the expenses paid. Trust me, it gets really crazy all the little things that need to be picked up and paid for, and the big things usually have pretty hard deadlines, so it’s important to be organized.

Guest List

This is an amazing tool! I couldn’t believe how easy they make it for everyone! When you are coming up with your guest list, you can add all the information to an excel sheet. If you don’t know what information you might need, they have a template you can download right to your computer. Once you’ve imputed the data, you can import this sheet to the guest list manager tool and use this for RSVPs, emails and notifications! There is the option of sending your guests a save the date email. It is very simple and fresh looking. I did a sample one myself… check it out below…

You can also just email your guests a quick notification about an update. This feature is good, but you can only select one of three standard messages. This email links your guests to any website that you have outside of The Knot, but also allows linking your website from The Knot! The website you can create with The Knot has a ton of features, you can basically share everything with your guests! Proposal, wedding party info and pictures are just a few things that can be added to your website! People can even RSVP here, which it then goes straight to your Guest List Manager!


This feature allows you to scroll through the many many ideas, pictures and tips and favorite them so you can look more in depth later!


This tool is not so helpful for us Canadian Brides! Hopefully The Knot puts Canadian Vendors up soon!



Ease: 8/10

Amount of Information: 9/10

Fun Factor: 9/10

Overall Rating: 8.5/10


Check it out for yourself at

You will need to register but it takes about 2 minutes, and so worth it!




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