Happy New Year! It’s January and that’s the Start of our Bridal Show Season! Tons of engagements happened over the Holidays and are now couples are planning. Bridal shows are a great place to get ideas, meet local vendors, see new trends and get ideas!

Liuna Station & Liuna Gardens are at 5 Bridal Shows this January; one every weekend! Below are our tips for surviving a Bridal Show and getting the most out of the experience!

  • Grab a Pal. It helps to bring a friend to scope out the deals and nibble (read: over indulge) on the tasters, but having too many people and too many opinions can be overwhelming. Make sure you bring someone supportive, who will help keep you focused, not entice you to blow your budget or be a bad influence. You can bring your fiancé, but don’t make decisions at the show, collect ideas and talk about it after.
  • Go in with an Open Mind & Take notes.  Try to do this as you go through. This will help with the after-show discussion of who to follow-up with.
  • Create Address Labels/Stickers. This is a great tip because of all of the drawings you’ll want to enter! It’s way easier to slap on a label than have to write out the same info 20 or so times. Here’s what most vendors will ask you for: your name, e-mail, phone number, #of guests attending your wedding and wedding date (if you know it).
  • Be HONEST about your BUDGET:  If you are working with a budget let the vendor know. Remember, it’s a bridal SHOW; we are showing off what we can do. Sometimes vendors show top quality stuff, which can be pricey. See what is offered in your price range. We are always willing to accommodate you and work with your budget to create something perfect for you. You are going to want everything at the bridal show. Pick and choose what you want most and see what deals are being offered.
  • ASK IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. Interrogate us! It is amazing how many brides walk by and don’t ask the important questions: What can we do for you/offer you. You are here for a service and deals. Many companies offer incredible Bridal show special or create a bridal show coupon for the event. Ask what pricing is like at peak season and OFF season. Remember, every vendor has a slow season and is more likely to give you a good deal to get business! They need you as much as you need them.

Side note: Liuna Station & Liuna Gardens always create an incredible Bridal Show Offer for new wedding bookings and a Bridal Shower Special every time we tour shows. Ask us what deals we currently have or are offering when you see us at the shows!

  • Grab, enter, and chat! Grab as much free stuff as you Can – grab bags, pens, samples, coupons, brochures, shirts – we bring it for you to take! Enter the draws! Mingle with the vendors who you are interested in and ask if they have any deals that would be helpful for you. Remember that if you mingle with us, we are more likely to remember you! We enjoy chatting and building a rapport with you, when you let us know what you are looking for, we can tell you whether or not we can offer you what you are looking for. Make it personal.
  • Keep a folder of all of the brochures. It is good to keep the brochures and info vendors give you until you know for sure you’re not going to use them.
  • Have fun! No matter who you go with, what you enter for, or who you talk to…remember to have fun. You’re a bride, and they’re there for you!



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