Rosina Parmiggiano LIVE at LIUNA Station!

Wow, what a night this past Saturday! I’m pretty sure a lot of us watching we’re crying of laughter during the show! For those of you who couldn’t attend this weekend missed out on a hilarious evening, but we hope you come next time we have Rosina back!

The night began with a VIP Cocktail Reception with meet and greet with the cast. They were served champagne and Hors D’oeuvres and had a chance to get pictures and mingle with the cast.

After this, everyone headed into the Grand Central Ballroom to enjoy a delicious 4 course meal. The room was lit with green, white and red lighting on all the tables and Italian music played throughout the hall. Everyone enjoyed wine at their tables, with a server to take any extra drink orders. The meal began with Antipasto Classico consisting of Melon, Prosciutto, Bocconcini, Artichokes, and Marinated Olives. Then we moved on to the second course which was LIUNA’s signature lasagna in a tomato basil sauce. Next, was a chicken supreme stuffed alla florentine, served with seasonal grilled vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes, as well as LIUNA spring mix salad. For dessert we were spoiled with tartufo served in a waffle bowl with whipped cream and a strawberry! Dinner was delicious and everyone was so excited for Rosina and friends to begin!

The show began with Vinze singing and playing on the keyboard, and then Rosina came out for her first skit “American Express” the crowd loved it! The show went on with more skits and more singing from Vinze! The scene that stuck out in my memory and I’m sure a lot of others’ was the waxing scene, when Rosina was getting underarm and bikini wax done and the esthetician needed to use a spatula for her bikini line wax. After it was pulled Rosina’s daughter came in and said the hair on the strip looked like a skunk making Rosina sad, and saying it was her skunk and she wanted it back!

The show ended with Rosina singing “I’m a Single Lady” and shaking her booty!

It was such a successful night and everyone at LIUNA Station would like to thank Olga, Elisa, Mario and Vinze for such a great show! Thanks to DJ Emporium for doing the lights and sound, and thanks to LIUNA Station staff for such a great dinner service and for hosting such a great event! We hope to have the show back to LIUNA Station soon! If you didn’t attend this weekend, make sure you come next time!

Make sure to check out the photos from the evening here:



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