Love Winter Wedding Photos!

Winter weddings make for GREAT wedding and engagement photography and I’m not just talking about how the hall is decorated, having Christmas lights or fancy centrepieces,I mean taking the time to enjoy the season and the weather itself!

Venture to a beautiful snowy field for your engagement shots. The white landscape and bright makes for wonderful backdrop to photos. Go on an adventure  and take some gorgeous shots in parks or outdoor skating rinks, draw your names in the snow, wrap yourselves in a blanket or  cheers with hot cocoa! Go pick or cut a christmas tree and have your photography session follow the process from cutting to decorating. The key is preparation. Bring some boots, blankets, friends to hold your jacket in between photos. Have a shot list so you know what pictures you want  so you aren’t spending extra time in the cold – no one wants to get sick!

Summer is always a popular time for wedding photography, but there is a certain allure of the warmth of a cozy fireplace, wrapping each other in a blanket or christmas lights and enjoying the festive season. Can even throw in catching a mock fun snowball “fight” in action…aim well, and low, no black eyes please!

For weddings, you could do the same with your full bridal party. Toss the heels and leave the bouquets and throw on some winter boots and gloves for a fun, festive touch. Wedding dresses can be accompanied with beautiful white shrugs, faux fur scarves, a lovely peacoat perhaps in a bright red, green, silver, gold or blue. All jewel tones go beautifully in thewinter against the white background.



 There are many pros to having a winter wedding or engagement photography session. Here are just a few:

- Weddings are off season and they packages or rental to be cheaper or pricing may be more flexible.

- Photographers may have better packages available as it is off season for weddings, but may offer a holiday special as many family photos are being taken.

-  There is less sun to deal with. I know that sounds odd, but photography sometimes turns out better in overcast weather or without direct glare.

- Decorating and supplying your wedding is easier, vendors aren’t as busy as it is off season and winter decorations are readily available for all budgets right after Halloween. 


We say brave the cold and don’t let it stop you from taking some gorgeous pictures outside. Yes, it will be freezing cold, but I promise you those photos will be worth it!




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