King George Ballroom is Complete!


The stress and tension has been lifted off all the workers, managers, and soon to be brides, now that the King George Ballroom is complete! This project was a massive undertaking for the contractors, but they were able to complete this room in such a short time frame. Everyone here at LIUNA Station is so amazed and impressed with everyone’s hard work and dedication with this project.

This past Saturday was the King George’s first event, and it went better than anyone could ever imagine. Your first impression of this hall is breath-taking, walking onto the beautiful marble lobby floors, and seeing the handcrafted bars, with granite counter top. Neither words, nor pictures does this lobby justice, it is simply jaw-dropping and luxurious, you are instantly taken aback in amazement. This was only the beginning! Walking through the doors into the ballroom, it is unbelievable how rich and elegant all the decor is. With curtains all the way from Italy, and the carpet from a far as well, everything ties together so well, and makes you feel like royalty as soon as you enter. Its surely no ordinary banquet hall, with the custom made steel trusses exposed on the ceiling still gives you the rustic train station feel. Especially being able to see the duct work, and other piping, you really get the perfect mix of rustic and classic to make any event very memorable. The washroom and VIP Suites are just as elegant as the ballroom and lobby, with reds and golds and ivorys in the colour scheme. They are a must see in this new facility.

Everything about the King George is so amazing and we are so excited to have you use this room for your event!

Please call us if you would like to book a tour or have any questions.




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