Fall Food Trends


Hearty fruits and vegetables are coming into season! Potatoes, squash, turnips, zucchini, apples, and pumpkins are just some of the same earthy produce available this time of the year. Even some leafy greens are available still like rapini, arugula, kale and celery.  If you are planning an event, it is good to know what foods are in season at the time of your event, not only because then the food can be local, but also because it helps in maintaining a theme for your event. Just think, your at a Fall themed event, such as a Harvest Dinner, and the host is serving fresh strawberries and cream with a light sponge cake for dessert it may get a little confusing as to what the theme is. Although this dessert will surely get eaten, it doesnt work as well with the Fall theme. Instead, if you had a pumpkin tart or a slice of apple pie, your Fall themed Harvest Dinner will be understood as that.

At LIUNA Station and Gardens, we can accommodate your food theme desires! For example, if you are doing a Fall theme, we could start your event off with sweet potato fries in cups with a spicy mayo at the bottom as appetizers. We also have a killer butternut squash soup with the just the right amount of cream or an arugula salad with thin sliced apples. Any meat roasted with potatoes and seasonal vegetables would be perfect for any fall meal. To finish the meal off you could do our chocolate caramel cluster ice cream with lots of caramel and walnuts! You’re guests will be thankful with this hearty meal. Whatever theme you have for your event, you can work with the executive chef to create an awesome menu for any event!

Make sure to check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration on Fall Themes events! http://pinterest.com/liunaevents/ Whatever your desires, we are here for you to make them happen.



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